Third time is a charm!  Dr. Safarian is the third consultant we’ve had and he’s by far the best!  He brings both great business acumen and exceptional clinical expertise to our practice.  As a non-dentist owner, I find his input to be invaluable in running our growing, $2.5 million practice.  I have never had someone so energetic and eager to follow up with us as much as it takes to ensure our success.
Thanks Dr. Safarian!

Brandon J. Quijada, CEO, Co-Founder; Smile for Life Dentistry; Phoenix, AZ

I implemented one of his suggestions in the 1st day and saw instant results! I look forward to continuing improvements in all around efficiency.

Erich Herber, DDS, Owner, Erich W. Herber, D.D.S General And Cosmetic Dentistry, Temecula, CA

Dr. Safarian,
I would like to say thank you for your course. I have learned a great deal and have put the information to work in my new practice! Looking forward to a prosperous first year and successful practice!! Greatly appreciate your knowledge.

Keith Blankenship, DDS, Blankenship Dentistry, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

I find Dr. Safarian’s Webinar Videos very informative and educational. I have been in practice over 20 years and I learned some insight into private practice that I never thought of before. Dr. Safarian’s Videos touch on different aspects of private practice from leadership, case presentation to running a solo or group practice efficiently.   I watch these videos daily as they are motivational and very well put together. I highly recommend getting involved and watch these valuable webinars as his recommendations can truly change your mindset and your practice.

Saeid Badie, DDS, Owner, Dr. Saeid Badie, Tukson, AZ
After a very short time working with Dr. Shahin he introduced me to Bobby from 5 star Ortho who has helped elevate my practice and increase case acceptance with my Ortho cases. Shahin is always available and a part of a great support system which goes a long way as a new practice owner. He and his services come highly recommended.
Darlene Hart, DMD, Owner, Sweet Hart Dental, Pembroke Pines
I did want to thank you for your webinar last night. There was a lot of good information in it. Some new, and some reminders about the way I should be doing things. Thanks again!
David McCracken, DDS, Owner, Falls Dental, Idaho Falls, ID

In the past two months that I have been working with Shahin Safarian, I have noticed what I could be doing better not only as a dentist but also a part business owner, with my husband Brandon.  The secrets to his 7 figure dental practice modules were great and gave me a better understanding of what dentistry is in its current state and what we, as dentists, can do to compete with the corporates.  I have Shahin as a personal coach and mentor for both clinical dentistry and the business of dentistry and having him has been a tremendous help in helping myself grow as a leader and to give better service to my patients.  I am thankful to have someone such as him available as I have not experienced this with other consultants I have had in the past. Thank you Shahin!

Chia Y. Wu, DMD, Co-Founder, Smile for Life Dentistry, Phoenix, AZ