Dental Entrepreneur Consulting

Dr. Safarian leads the consulting and marketing practice of 7 Figure Dental Practice offering mentorship and marketing services to dental entrepreneurs seeking to advance their practice at all stages. As an expert in the business side of dentistry and a practice owner himself, Dr. Safarian has gathered a growing community of experts and mentors to help you develop your business.

As a subscriber to our consulting service you will receive expert guidance from Dr. Safarian and access to our premium marketing services. The minimum engagement for our consulting services is 3 months, and customers may request for consulting fees to be spread over each month for easier payment. We will gladly offer you a phone consultation so that we can design an engagement that will advance your practice. If you have any questions or wish to define the scope of your engagement do not hesitate to call us at 858 349 7996.

We begin each engagement with a statement of work and identification of one major project to be completed. On this basis we start work.

Prepaid Engagement Price: $4,200 (16 hours of consulting)

Expert guidance by Dr. Safarian and our team of experts with on-call availability to ensure your business is developing and you are achieving results every day.

  1. Three two hour workshops where we deep dive on challenges and opportunities as identified at the start of work and in the collaboration that follows.
  2. Weekly one hour checkpoints where we program manage change.
  3. Access to all Virtual Study Club membership benefits.
  4. Completion of one project identified by the team within the first month of the engagement; typically this includes one of:
  • Launch a New Practice: Employing best practices to begin and manage new practices, including best practices in financial management, supplier management, staffing and marketing.
  • Improve Customer Acquisition: Improve customer engagement and increase the pool of potential clients by employing analytical marketing methods and proven client acquisition systems.
  • Process Improvement: Reexamine your practice to ensure your operation is at a top level financially and clinically. Designed to help meet your professional goals and provide the insight needed to jump-start your practice.
  • Improve Financial Performance: Drive improved financial performance through time management, supplier management, and developing business with each patient.
  • Practice Acquisitions, Sales, Transitions: Manage major practice transitions like opening a new practice, expanding operations, or changes in partnerships or ownership.

Consulting Practice Lead: Dr. Shahin Safarian

Dr. Shahin is a hard working, persistent and a lifelong learner. A practicing dentist for over 18 years and now the owner of three successful dental practices in the San Diego area, Shahin has grown a passion to help other medical professionals in achieving their business dreams. Unfortunately our academic training doesn’t get us ready for the “real world” of business and money management. This was a hard lesson that put Shahin in $2M debt in 2008. His failures taught him very important lessons and starting in 2011 he made a huge pivot and decided to become an entrepreneur. By 2016 he did close to $2M in business with a net of 30%. Today, Shahin works with dental entrepreneurs and he has created a “blueprint model” that can get you moving in the right direction and start to grow your practice within a matter of weeks. The truth is, none of us have received proper training as a CEO, CFO and a COO and our educational program, consulting and marketing services can put you on course to achieving the results that you, your family, and your partners deserve. Read more...