If your dental practice is unsuccessful, you can afford to be wasteful with your time. You don’t have enough patients to fill your days, anyway, and you lose patients for so many reasons, it’s hard to blame it on your inefficiency. But if you want to have a great dental practice, you have to be efficient. Not only will you have so many patients coming in that you don’t have time to waste–you can’t be rushed with those patients. Your reputation depends on delivering quality care to every patient, every time. You have to cut waste wherever you can by improving the efficiency of your practice.

That’s where our strategic dental partnerships come in: they can give you the tools to maximize the performance of your dental practice at every stage, including patient acquisition, appointment management, follow-up, and more. Check our pricing guide to learn how much you can save with our strategic partnerships.

Why Strategic Dental Partnerships

When you start to apply the 7 Figure Dental Practice program, your practice can turn around rapidly. Most dentists who are struggling just don’t have the tools they need to handle the sudden influx of patients. They need to upgrade, and they need to be in place before the wave of new patients hits.

However, upgrading all the tools your dental practice is going to need can be expensive, and Dr. Safarian realized that this initial financial outlay could be an insurmountable obstacle for practices whose revenue is just ramping up. That’s why he put together the strategic dental partnerships, to offer all the tools your practice will need at a considerable discount. This gives your dental practice a leg up so you can more easily make the climb to the heights of 7 Figure Dental Practice success.


One essential part of the 7 Figure Dental Practice platform is improving your ability to market your dental practice, turn that marketing into leads, and then smoothly schedule and handle their appointments. We’ve assembled some of the best tools to help you do this.


Never Miss a New Patient Opportunity Again! This service monitors how well you are handling the incoming patient calls. Plus, it can answer your calls for you and help convert those calls into paying patients.


Not all potential patients pick up the phone to call your practice. Some of them would rather use forms to set up their appointment. Drift helps you make your website more engaging with chatbots, marketing video, and other automation tools that can improve your website conversions.


Legwork gives you powerful tools to help you keep those hard-earned patients. Every patient you retain is one less you have to acquire. Legwork uses appointment reminders and patient experience analysis to help you keep the patients  you already have. It also helps you convert more from those existing patients, as well as helping you create automated marketing funnels that can bring in more new patients.

Pro Impressions Marketing GroupPro Impressions Marketing Group

Your website is your virtual lobby. It’s where potential points likely loiter before they decide to come into your practice, so you need to make sure that it looks as good as your physical office. Pro Impressions Marketing Group can help you get a website that not only looks good, but is optimized for search engines and integrates well with your other marketing efforts.

Golden Goose Scheduling

Every patient needs to have time in your chair. How do you make room for all those patients? Golden Goose is a powerful scheduling tool that makes it easy to fit in all the patients you’re acquiring. It integrates well with CallTrackerROI to smooth the process of acquisition and scheduling.

Mango Voice

Your practice depends on your phones. You need to be accessible to your patients when they want you, or else you risk losing them forever. But phone lines can be expensive. Not with Mango Voice–you get up to five (5) enterprise-grade phone lines free with your 7 Figure Dental Practice partnership.


As a 7 Figure Dental Practice, your patients will expect you to deliver the best care, which means having the best tools and materials on-hand. Our practice performance tools can help you offer the high-quality dental procedures your patients demand.

Ohlendorf Appliance Labs

Since 1939, this lab has been delivering high-quality dental appliances. They started as an orthodontic lab, but they’ve grown as dentistry has expanded, and now they offer a wide range of appliances, including sleep appliances, Perio Protect trays, myofunctional appliances, as well as retainers.

Clear Correct

High end patients are more likely to demand clear braces, and Clear Correct is one of the leading names in the industry. Partnering with Clear Correct helps you offer this vital service for less. Precision engineering and optimal shape help improve the quality of results for more satisfied patients.


Many patients are looking to get rid of old metal restorations and replace them with more attractive tooth-colored ones. Don’t let that metal go to waste–get a better rate for it at iRecoups metal recycling.


Your current systems may work fine for your low-value, low-return practice, but if you are going to transform your practice into a 7 Figure Dental Practice, you might need an upgrade.

Contact us today to leverage these partnerships for your success.