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Learn what it takes to build a 7-Figure Dental Practice–and to take more of that money home with a dental practice consultant. Achieve success that satisfies.



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Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA2 hours ago
Why do we lose our passion for the profession that we once loved? It’s the business side of dentistry and our lack of training to better understand it. I had an opportunity to speak in front of an amazing group of 300 doctors at the 2019 Neodent Symposium. One thing is for sure the business side is only going to get more complicated moving forward. You MUST stay ahead of this challenge and be proactive. Thank you Neodent for the opportunity! 🙏
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA14 hours ago
It was great spending some time during dinner with Chia Quijada in Scottsdale on Friday. She currently is a member of lovebites and we have been in contact for a couple of years. She is in a bit of a transition at this time and the timing of our meeting was just right. Come join our growing community of dentists! 🙏
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA2 days ago
One advantage of being part of the lovebites community. We all need to be in the dental chair at some point. Thank you John Garza and Alicia Garza. 🙏 Ray Foster and James Dodge get ready for my case coming to you next week. ✌️
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA5 days ago
You are searching to find the RIGHT cosmetic dentist and it is difficult to choose because all dentists are the same. Not true, come listen! ✌️
Shahin Safarian DMD, MBA
Lovebites Dental
You are searching to find the RIGHT cosmetic dentist and it is difficult to choose because all dentists are the same. Not true, come listen! ✌️



Webinars - Dental Practice Consultant


Dr. Safarian’s groundbreaking video that started it all:  “My Secret 7 Figure Formula That Took Me From A Struggling Dentist To A Successful Practice Owner . . .

Training Modules - Dental Practice Consultant


Targeted solutions to specific problems. These videos help you overcome the daily hurdles that stand between you and your 7 Figure Dental Practice.

Books - Dental Practice Consultant


Videos aren’t for everyone. If you like to sit down and digest important ideas, Dr. Safarian has laid out the elements of his success in these helpful guides.



You currently have everything a successful 7 Figure Dental Practice needs: an office, phone lines, patient management, a website, etc. They may be fine for what your practice is now, but will they be adequate for what your practice will become?

Your struggling practice can handle its small number of patients with your inefficient systems, but if you want to handle all the patients you are going to bring in, you need to be ready for an upgrade. Our Strategic Partnerships let you upgrade all these aspects of your practice in an affordable way.



Dr. Safarian has some bad news and some good news for you. Bad news: Everything that’s wrong with your business is because of you. Good news: This gives you the power to turn it around. You have to take responsibility and take control.

Dental practice consultant, Dr. Safarian can help you see past the daily clutter and achieve clarity of vision. Vision gives you goals. Goals can guide your actions. And action leads to success. In his 7 Figure consulting, Dr. Safarian sits down with you 1-on-1 and walks you through the process.



Dr. Safarian knows your struggles because he was there. He had a struggling dental practice after graduating from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in 2001. Since then, he’s built three successful dental clinics from scratch. He learned how to get the right dental education, deliver outstanding patient results, and manage his systems and teams to near-perfection. By maximizing his efficiency, he has turned his struggling dental practice into a 7 Figure Dental Practice, and he can show you how.